Shri Tukaram Jagannath Naik is popularly known as“Naik Sir”

During his days he was renowned boxer and won many prestigious tournaments both at university and national level. Prior to 1965, there were no facilities available in Pune city to learn the art of boxing. In Pune camp area, there was only one club by name Iron Boxing Club where national champion Mr.Thomas taught boxing to young boxers at that time. Mr. T.J. Naik learned basics of boxing his initial training with Mr. Thomas in those early days. He started practicing with the players of Services in Bombay Engineering Group. In the Senior National Boxing Championship of 1966, while representing Maharashtra, he got bronze medal. He was a gold medalist in 1968 All India Inter University Boxing Championship

His career of training started in the decade of sixties and still continues when he has crossed sixty. He is the founder and executive coach of the Institute and is an institution in himself. He has been training boxers of the institute, irrespective of their age, education, financial and social strata they come from, since 1965. The boxers, who got trained under him, have led the State in various boxing tournaments of repute at various such as State level, all India level and international level too. He is being looked upon as a role model for those who breathe and worship the royal game of boxing.

Coaching Profile

Career and achievements as a Coach / Trainer along with service with State Bank of India

1968 – 1976 - Boxing Coach in Maharashtriya Mandal, Pune. Trained many boxers and conducted various boxing tournaments on district and state level and thus was instrumental in development of the game.

1976 - 1981 - Boxing Coach in Dnyana Prabodhini. Trained many boxers.

1982 onwards started his own Institution in the name of Maharashtra Institute of Games & Sports and started training the boxers at Gopal Highschool, Pune till 1987. Thereafter, we moved to Nehru Stadium in our own place which was given to MIGS by Pune Municipal Corporation.

1985-86 - Physical Fitness Trainer Trained West Zone Cricket Teams for Kooch Bihar Trophy. Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli also were members of this team.

Achievements as a Coach

He has so far trained more than 200 boxers who have represented Maharashtra at various Boxing Championship at the national level and about 600 boxers all together in his training career.

During last about 10 years, two of the senior boxers viz. Shailesh Pardeshi and Siddharth Varma, trained by Naiksir, were adjudged Best Boxers in the all India Senior National Boxing Championships.

The boxers trained by Naik sir have been serving Armed Forces, Pune Police, Public as well as private sector and also other distinguished services in the uniform. The list is unending but to name the few, it includes, Suresh Pote, ACP, Ramesh Bagwe, present MLA, State of Mahrashtra and ex-Chairman of the Standing Committee of PMC, RG Athalekar, Pradeep Wadhavane Balasaheb Thorve, Shekhar Karche, Vishwas Gunjal, Vishnu Awati, Sudhir Gawali, Sanjeev Godse and many more.

The journey

The journey in TJ Naik's words & Letter to Maharashtra Government Sports Ministry


MIGS is a leading Institute with a long standing reputation for more than 40 years in the field of boxing in Pune. Over the years, the boxers of the Institute have fetched, both name & fame to the game & the city of Pune.


Naik sir has been training deserving boxers at very minimal fees for the past forty years. The tradition still continued by Nitin Naik. Please visit our Membership page for more details.


Any donation towards the purchase of boxing kits for club is highly appreciated. MIGS is also looking for sponsorships to deserving boxers to help them represent Maharashtra at the national level.